Monday, November 3, 2008

Small Makeup Palette Haul


Aloha, Darlings!

Well I just went to Sephora again the other day, and I've managed to get my hands on two new palettes. The Urban Decay Book of Shadows Palette, and the Tarte The Vanity Limited Edition Palette.

As soon as the Urban Decay palette was released to the public, I HAD TO HAVE IT! I swear by Urban Decay eyeshadows, so they didn't even need any selling points to get me. I love brightly colored eyeshadows like blues, purples, and even grays, and blacks. I love wearing a smoky eye as well. I guess it's become my signature look. The Urban Decay palette is going to be great for my upcoming travels, as well as for switching my look up when I go to work. I keep them folks guessing there.

The Urban Decay Book of Shadows Palette introduces six new shades: Mayhem, Sidecar, Gridlock, Scandal, Absinthe, and Protest. It even introduced me to the already established color Shattered (which is now frequently in my rotation). The palette is a little bigger than the size of a CD case, give or take an inch or two.

Let me tell you how serious I am about the quality and pigmentation of these eyeshadows. They have now introduced the Eyeshadow Vault to hold the coin shaped eyeshadows on the Sephora website. I had already bought and filled 3 of them from the Urban Decay website. The Urban Decay site has a deal going, and I opted in on it a couple times. Now Sephora is offering a similar deal. These Eyeshadow Vaults can also hold other similarly shaped eyeshadows. Super cute. Don't say I didn't tell you! If you're looking for color that looks the same on your eye as it does in the package, then Urban Decay products are for you!

I can't really comment personally on the Tarte eyeshadow quality as I haven't used the new palette yet. I've just been staring at it thinking, "Cool!" I know it's sad. Don't laugh! But I can assure you that it will also be in my travel rotation, even though neither palette fits into my new mini travel train case.

The Tarte palette has 16 eyeshadows, 16 lip glosses (which I have tried and are excellent by the way), 4 blushes, 1 powder, and 1 bronzer. The kit also includes the Lights, Camera, Lashes Mascara, 1 eyeshadow brush, and 1 eyeliner brush. Good value! Beautiful colors! The size of the palette is surprising however. I watched it online, and was on the fence about purchasing it for a while. The palette looks really small online relatively. But nope, if you unfold the palette out completely it is about the size of a computer keyboard. The eyeshadows and the glosses are about 1 inch square each! So I was pretty happy with my purchase when I saw it.

I have a pretty decent amount of makeup at home. Now I'm building my travel kit, so I can stay beautiful on the road as well. Next up on my purchase list is the Too Faced Quickie Chronicles Mini Collection available at Sephora only. 

I sat on the fence for WAAAYYYY too long on this one, cuz now it's sold out in stores AND online! And I couldn't even find it on Ebay! I read a lot of reviews, and everyone is giving it five stars. I gotta at least touch one to be happy. LOL! Just joking, but I do have to get my hands on it.

BTW, I'm sneaking and updating this blog at work!  Shhhhhh!!!

See you soon, darlings! Smooches!

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