Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Yes, We Can!

Congratulations to Mr. Barack Obama and his beautiful family on being elected the first publicly recognized president of color in United States history! He and his family represent all of us (all races). Let's hope he brings change we can believe in. And many thanks for giving the young people and young children hope that they can be whatever they dream of being in life.

I'm especially proud for my father. He experienced much racism in his life. He was alive and endured many things during the civil rights movement. He was in the first intergrated unit in the United States Air Force, and trained many men who would later owe their career successes to him. I love my Dad, and am so happy he gets to enjoy this moment with me. He's still very spry! I love that man! I enjoy every day having him in my life (and my mom too, of course).

Congratulations, Mr. Obama! And congratulations to the American people for ushering in a new era!

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